Status Management API

Manage your team statuses in a seamless manner. Wiring our Status API into your apps is going to be very simple.

API Reference

Take a look at the API Reference, and import Postman Collection.

A quick introduction

We've all used Status Update Apps, and while a lot of them are fairly decent and help provide a reasonable sense of what a team is working on, they rarely go beyond the basics. This is primarily because the APIs they rely on are built to serve a rather basic set of requirements.

At Snowpal, where our team continually builds complex products all the time, we noticed that a lot of our specific questions (read: the really important ones) weren't answered by these generic APIs. So, we decided to create a rich set of Status Update endpoints to help us, and help you.

High Level Feature List

Given that the API has numerous endpoints to satisfy a plethora of needs, it's best to review the API Specification and related documentation to get an understanding of it. With that said, here's a subset of the features it supports:

  • Manage teams
  • Manage team members
  • Add admins
  • Manage team statuses (as admins)
  • Manage status (as team member)
  • Add blockers, blocked by, etc.

In the next version:

  • Get a sense of team and team member performance
  • Identify high and low performing members
  • Find teams that are self sufficient, and ones that could use additional help
  • Rank teams and members by performance
  • ...and more.