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At Snowpal, we do a number of things. This developer documentation is API-centric. Do not forget to check out our other products.

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First Product: Web App for Managing Projects

Our first product was our Web App and is used by thousands of users to manage their projects (at school, college, work and home).


Whether you are a Project Manager, YouTuber, College Student, Small Business Owner, Traveler, or Solopreneur, you will find value in managing your work on our app as it has numerous features to make life a bit easier for you.

Second Product: Mobile Apps on the App and Play Stores

We followed our Web App release shortly thereafter with our Native Mobile Apps. Download our app from the App Store and Play Store. It has most of the features offered on the web, and some more.


You can use a number of our App's features for free. There's a few that require a nominal subscription so you can choose to subscribe after you've fallen in love with the app (we know you will!).

Third Product: Backend as a Service APIs

It took our highly experienced and extremely talented team much shorter time than I've seen it take for most other companies to build what we built. With that said, we recognized that a fair bit of our time was spent in building boilerplate features and that didn't make much sense to us. We were restless to build what we truly wanted to showcase (our USP) but to get there, we needed a lot of foundational elements that didn't exist, and thought to ourselves that it would've been nice if some of them were readily available.

Well, that sowed the seeds for the next effort we embarked upon: our APIs. We wanted to make lives much easier for other Product and Development teams so they could spend most, if not all, of their energies to solve their core customer problems. So, we launched our first API, then our next, then our next. The list keeps growing, as we speak.


We support multiple licensing models as every client is unique. We can also put together a Private Offer for you on AWS Marketplace.

Fourth Product: Education Platform

Given all the challenges we ran into (both technically and otherwise) as a team of engineers who became entrepreneurs, it only made sense for us to capture it for the benefit of other engineers, product managers, CTOs, and entrepreneurs. So, we started creating short, simple courses that cost less than a drink at Starbucks and were pragmatic, and launched our Education Platform first on the web and then on our mobile apps.


We invite all Course Creators who would like to monetize by creating simple courses (and leaving the rest of the hosting and heavy lifting to us), and Eager Learners to onboard our platform.


In addition to our products, our team loves to do podcasting (both solo and collaborative). Check out our podcasts that run the gamut when it comes to the breadth of topics (Spotify, Apple).

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