Get Started with Snowpal APIs. They are domain agnostic and offer numerous licensing models to suit your needs.


Whether you are building a Web App, a Mobile App, or Server Side Components (or Microservices), you are bound to have plenty on your plate. But, don't you worry. We are here to help.

We've published a variety of APIs (and there's more in the making) with a rich set of endpoints so you can focus on what's important to you - solving your customer's problems, and leave the rest (aka backend heavy lifting) to us.

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Start Building

Our APIs are hosted on AWS Marketplace (and other API Hubs). Once you subscribe to an API, we will send you an API Key & Product Code, and all you have to do at that point is start building your products. Everything else on the server side would be pretty much ready to go.

Check out Integrate Snowpal APIs to save time, money and effort

Flexible Licensing Models

1. Pay by Request or Subscription (on AWS Marketplace)

Some of our clients prefer to subscribe to our APIs on AWS Marketplace as they do not have to worry about hosting, scaling, etc. By doing this, you simply pay by request or subscription.

We are happy to put together a Private Offer for you as well.

2. Host our APIs in your Cloud Infrastructure

If you prefer to host it on your own cloud infrastructure (be it AWS or Google Cloud or Azure), we can make that happen for you as well. Given that a number of our services are on AWS, it is quite straightforward for our Professional Services teams to work with you in getting this up and running for you.

We understand why some of our customers prefer this (so they have complete control over proceedings, and is much easier for their DevOps teams to manage our services).

3. License our SaaS Products

Larger customers typically prefer to license our products and either rely on Upgrade Licenses to receive periodic updates, or have their teams extend our product offerings. If you fall in this category and simply would like to purchase commercial licenses for one or more of our APIs, we would be happy to explore options with you.

Existing Products that leverage our APIs

To prove the breadth and stability of some of our APIs, we've built a few products ourselves, and they have been LIVE in Production for many years now.

High Level Overview

Take a quick look at our CTO, Krish Palaniappan, doing a quick video walkthrough of some of our offerings.