Go beyond basic statuses of simply knowing "who did what, and when", and learn a lot more specifics about your team's overall functioning.

Note: You can license our APIs to run in your own infrastructure or pay by request/subscription on AWS Marketplace. The choice is yours.


We've all used Status Update Apps, and while a lot of them are fairly decent and help provide a reasonable sense of what a team is working on, they rarely go beyond the basics. This is primarily because the APIs they rely on are built to serve a rather basic set of requirements.


Status API includes over 70 REST Endpoints to help serve a fair bit of your backend status needs. Whether you are building a new application from scratch, or adding features/enhancements to existing apps, you can rely on the API to do a lot of the backend heavy lifting.

Status reporting, who is working on what, are there any blockers, what are your team's strengths and weaknesses, who is performing the best, which team members need improvement, and more.

You can integrate the API into your existing systems in almost no time. The time between you deciding to subscribe to the API, and your development team writing their first line of code to leverage the API should be 30 minutes or lesser.

Start Building

At Snowpal, where our team continually builds complex products all the time, we noticed that a lot of our specific questions (read: the really important ones) weren't answered by these generic APIs. So, we decided to create a rich set of Status Update endpoints to help us, and help you.


How you leverage this API depends on your needs. Build a Slack App, or a Native Mobile App, or a Web App, or Server Side Microservices. That's entirely up to you.

Subscribe to API

You can subscribe to the API by clicking "View Purchase Options". When you do this, you will be redirected to a Registration Page where you will be asked to enter some details. It should take no more than a few seconds, and once you've done that, we will send you an email with the API Key.

This email should take about 5 minutes to reach your inbox. If you do not see the email after a few minutes, check your spam folder. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need help.

API Features

Given that the API has numerous to satisfy a plethora of needs, it's best to review the API Specification and related documentation to get an understanding of it. With that said, here's a subset of the features it supports:

  • Manage teams

  • Manage team members

  • Add admins

  • Manage team statuses (as admins)

  • Manage status (as team member)

  • Add blockers, blocked by, etc.


Walkthrough of our APIs