Conversation API

Allowing your users to chat with each other, either privately or in a group, is going to very helpful. Don't you think?

API Reference

Take a look at the API Reference, and import Postman Collection.

High Level Feature List

There's plenty you can do with the Conversation API. Here's a quick list:

  • Create a Private Conversation (1 on 1)
  • Create a Group Conversation (with 2 or more users)
  • Private Conversations support Read Receipts (so you know if and when your message was read)
  • Group Conversations can be Archived, Deleted or Left.
  • You can hide archived conversations when you build your App.
  • When a user leaves a conversation, they will not receive any more messages sent to that thread.
  • User can delete a conversation they are still part of, or one that they left. In the former case, it will implicitly "leave" the user, and in both cases, the conversation would be deleted for the particular user.
  • If the conversation is left with 2 users after the last member leaves, it will become a private conversation at that point.

Whatever it is that you are building, you can integrate this API to leverage the power of conversations. Why spend time building when we already have it working, and all you have to do is integrate. As simple as that!