Classroom API

Manage your classroom with a simple, yet comprehensive, set of endpoints.

API Reference

Take a look at the API Reference, and import Postman Collection.

High Level Feature List

There's plenty you can do with the Classroom API. Here's a quick list:

  • As a teacher, create a Course
  • Create multiple Assessments under each course (in Draft mode first, and then, choose to publish them when you are ready)
  • Collaborate with other Teachers
  • Add Students
  • Create Grading Systems
  • Assign Grades to your Students (at the Course level, and more granularly, at the assessment level)
  • Publish Grades
  • See your notifications
  • Chat with Teachers and Students (we support both Private and Group Conversations)
  • Review Aggregated students' performance (to be used in Charts/Reports, for example)