Content Management API

Manage your content the way you like best. Everyone's needs are unique, and our API recognizes that.

API Reference

Take a look at the API Reference, and import Postman Collection.

High Level Feature List

There's plenty you can do with our Content Management API. Here's a quick list:

  • Create Keys (think of them as Projects, or Boards)
  • Create Blocks under Keys (think of them as Building Blocks)
  • Create Pods under Blocks (if you want a 3-level hierarchy), or directly under Pods (if you prefer 2 levels where Pods and Blocks would be siblings)
  • Collaborate with your coworkers, team members, friends or family (you can share Blocks, or Pods, or Blocks with Pods)
  • Create Block Types, Pod Types and Scales (for categorization, point assignments, reviews, and more)
  • Assign Due Dates
  • Add Comments, Notes, Attachments, Checklists (most of these are supported on Keys, Blocks & Pods)
  • Review your Dashboard
  • See Notifications
  • See Aggregated Data (to be used in Charts/Reports)
  • Create Private or Group Conversations with your collaborators

...and a lot more.