Build Apps for Education Industry

Demonstrate how to create courses, assessments, and manage grades using Classroom API. Discuss the implementation of backend functionality and the various licensing & deployment options.

This video showcases the functionality of the Snowpal API for building software solutions in the education industry. It demonstrates how to create courses, assessments, and manage grades using the API. The video also discusses the implementation of backend functionality and the various licensing and deployment options available. Additionally, it highlights the flexibility of the API to be customized for different industries.


Introduction and Purpose:

  • Krish introduces the video and its purpose.
  • Discusses the idea of showcasing functionality to help build apps quickly using Snowpal APIs.

Demonstration - Teacher Functionality:

  • Krish demonstrates using the Snowpal application for managing projects and introduces the teacher-related functionalities.
  • Creates test data, adds courses, assigns grading scales, and sets up quizzes.

Student Interaction:

  • Discusses the perspective of a student interacting with the platform.
  • Assigns grades to students, discusses the grading scales, and the publishing of grades.

API Overview and Usage:

  • Krish discusses the backend implementation and API functionalities.
  • Highlights the availability of documentation and endpoints for building educational systems.

Publishing Grades and Student Comparison:

  • Krish explains how grades are published and shows how to compare student performance.

Reflection on Functionality:

  • Reflects on the implemented functionality and its real-world applicability.
  • Discusses the effort involved in implementing such features without leveraging Snowpal APIs.

Licensing and Infrastructure Options:

  • Krish explains various licensing models and infrastructure options for using Snowpal APIs.

Conclusion and Next Steps:

  • Krish concludes the video, summarizes key points, and encourages viewers to explore Snowpal APIs.

Additional Information:

  • Mentions AWS Marketplace, cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), and professional services.


  • The Snowpal API provides a quick and efficient way to build software solutions for the education industry.
  • The API allows for the creation of courses, assessments, and the management of grades.
  • Backend functionality can be implemented easily using the API, saving time and effort.
  • The API offers various licensing and deployment options, including integration with AWS.


00:00 Introduction and Overview

01:26 Building Software Solutions for the Education Industry

04:46 Managing Grades and Grading Scales

06:26 Publishing Grades and Comparing Performance

09:23 Implementing Backend Functionality

11:18 Licensing and Deployment Options

12:32 Customizing for Different Industries

14:02 Conclusion