Postman Collections

Once you procure an API Key, you are good to go.

So, you subscribed to one of the API products in one of the many API Hubs we are on. What can you do next? (other than heaving a sigh of relief that you finally found a partner who will help you focus on your core business!)

Here's one way to go about it.

  • Download Postman Collection for one of our APIs (Note: We have several APIs).
    • Click here for instructions.
  • Replace the API Key Request Header x-api-key with your key (you should have this once you subscribe to the API).
  • If you subscribed to the API Product on one of the other API Hubs (anything other than AWS Marketplace, that is), you can ignore this bullet.
    • Only for AWS Marketplace users: Remember to replace the Product Code Request Header x-snowpal-product-code with the value sent in the email to you.
  • Start building!