Project Management API

Building project management solutions was never easier.

API Reference

Take a look at the API Reference, and import Postman Collection.

High Level Feature List

There's plenty you can do with the Project Management API. Here's a quick list:

  • Create a Project Key (as a Project Manager, or Development Manager, for example) => think of a Project Key as a Project Container, or a Board.
  • Create one or more Projects under the Key (note: you can create any number of Project Keys as well).
  • Share your Project with one or more team members
  • Grant your collaborators Read, Write or Admin access to the Project (you can grant specific access to specific projects).
  • Create Project Lists (this comes in real handy if your intent is to render this content in Kanban, for instance).
  • Create Project Pods (think of a Pod as a card, or a granular breakdown of your Project)
  • Associate Project Pods with Project Lists (again, think Kanban to visualize this). You can either categorize your Project Pods into specific Lists, or simply put them all under one list.
  • Create Project Types, Pod Types and Scales (to help with categorization)
  • Assign Due Dates
  • Add Comments, Notes, Attachments and Checklists (supported at both Project and Pod Levels)
  • Review your Dashboard
  • Get Notifications
  • Add Favorites
  • Create Private or Group Conversations

...and more.