Keys.1.3: Add key (based on template)

Adds a new key based on given type. A key can be a:

  • Custom Key
  • Project Key
  • Teacher Key
  • Student Key

The ACL of a block, key pod and block pod is driven by the type of key.

  • A block, key pod or block pod in a custom key has to be individually shared with collaborators.
  • A block in a teacher or project key can be shared with a collaborator, and all block pods inherit the ACL from the block. Key pods cannot be created in these keys.
  • When a block in a teacher key is shared with a student (by granting them read access), it will appear in a student key of that student.

Use this endpoint when you intend to add a key based on a template. To see all available templates, call /templates/keys.

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